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A fresh identity for a revolutionary fashion shop

Can a simple idea revolutionise the fashion industry?

Video: XO Berlin 
UX: Impossible
Photography: Cherie Birkner

Silfir’s branding conveys the premium quality and sustainability of its timeless products through an elegant, stripped back identity.



Silfir is a brand of handpicked sustainable clothes made to last. It offers timeless quality basics made in a direct trade, sustainable approach. Silfir takes care of any necessary repairs, replacements and recycling for customers, encouraging them to keep their clothes for longer and be more sustainable.

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Silfir logo

Evergreen, stripped back beauty

Silfir’s name comes from silver fir, one of the most elegant evergreen trees.
Evergreen also means never going out of fashion, lasting for a long time.
Drawing on this parallelism, we used the needle as our core visual element: the needle is the leaf of evergreen plants, but also the tool that we use to sew, make and repair evergreen clothes.

The identity is earthy and elegant. It goes straight to the core with no unnecessary embellishments, conveying the brand essence through its elements.

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Silfir icons
Silfir icons
Silfir icons
Silfir business cards
Silfir wrapping
Silfir launch party
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Silfir embroided logo
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Silfir comp
Silfir website still
Silfir sewing kit
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