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How can we make the hassle of buying insurance fun?

Can a simple idea revolutionise the fashion industry?

UX: Damian Christian

Through a playful approach to branding and UI we gave life to Zoe, a friendly AI-powered insurance shopping assistant that customers actually look forward to interacting with.


Zoe is an AI-powered insurance shopping assistant. She takes the hassle out of buying insurance to give customers the best deals. Through an app, customers can have an overview of all of all of their insurances, compare options and find the best deals in real time. Zoe is friendly and human, so that insurance never feels dry and overwhelming again.


The app was conceived to make the journey as hassle-free as possible for users. Iconography, colour and the extensive use of white space play an important role in helping guide the user to achieve a smooth navigation. The “+” button allows users to add insurance easily at any point, without having to look for this function deeper in their journey. Illustrations are present throughout the journey to make Zoe warmer and more approachable.

The website was created to showcase the app’s features and to introduce Zoe’s personality. It is playful but clean and stripped back, to ensure people understand what Zoe is about within a few seconds.

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The logo was inspired by the 3 dots symbolising “writing in progress” in chats, because Zoe is always there for customers. 

In the brand system, vibrant colours convey energy and freshness, while white space, typefaces and custom-made iconography ensure it’s elegant and user-friendly. Illustrations help position the brand as human and approachable.

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Get in touch!

Drop us an email or come visit us at
The Rattle@Tobacco Dock, Wapping Lane, London E1W 2SF.

Drop us an email or come visit us
The Rattle@Tobacco Dock, Wapping Lane, London E1W 2SF.